Team Lazie Indie
Media Maverick

A multi-award-winning advertising and broadcast media professional. Worked as writer, producer and director with major TV Networks and top ad agencies like MTV, Star India, Disney, O&M & BBH, etc. She is also a professional singer.

The Builder

Entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in technology space  Indie Music Enthusiast from India, Co-Founder of foreva, a community management platform.

Action Man

Independent Musician for 30 years Co-Founder/Drummer – Lazie J  Co-Founder/Drummer – The Autumnleaf. Co-Concept developer – Autumnleaf the Big Stage

Crazie Indie

Independent Musician for 30 years. Founder and  Singer-Songwriter for Lazie J Founder The Autumnleaf  Concept developer for award-winning TV show for Indie Artists – Autumnleaf The Big Stage