Magazine Contributors
Inge Zimmermann Probst
Singer-Songwriter, Producer
Also known as Serious Music Singer-Songwriter, Producer Ex Radio- Jockey from Germany Proofreader for Lazie Indie Magazine
Ann Aria Burstyn
Lead Vocalist and Lyricist of popular Progressive Rock Band Dream Aria from Canada Keyboardist, Writer-Poet Photographer & Artist at Ann Aria Art & Photography Writes the column: Canadian Content Corner
Tomiko Dixon
Granddaughter of the Legendary Willie Dixon Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Ambassador of Blues USA Writes the column ; The Tomiko Dixon Grand Blues Review
Jorg Klein
Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Radio Jockey, Record Label from Germany.
Writes the Column Jorgs Corner
Galaxy 107 FM New Zealand
Top Radio Station
Top Radio Station Presented by The Popular Radio Hosts DJ Grant and Barbara Harkins New Zealand Writes the Column Around the Galaxy
Kathryn Shipley

Award-Winning Modern Country/Christian Singer-Songwriter Kathryn Shipley better known to many as “KShip”. One of the fastest-growing Indie Artists over the last few years

Darshan Shankar
Front man for popular bands Event company owner in Middle East Promoter of various Rock Events in India and Middle East
Santhosh Chandran

Santhosh Chandran is a guitar virtuoso from India who is known for his invention of Indo Flamenco guitar playing style and also his creative genius in creating music …Santhosh will be interviewing Maestros of music in his column “Maestro Speaks”

Emma Goldberg
Emma Goldberg is known as the French Queen of Pop and host her famous show Just like Emma which is aired across UK and France and the neighboring countries
Jay N Pillai

Independent Musician for 30 years. Founder and  Singer-Songwriter for Lazie J Founder The Autumnleaf  Concept developer for award-winning TV show for Indie Artists – Autumnleaf The Big Stage

Raveen Panday

Raveen Panday is a writer and designer, with over 25 years of experience playing and singing the blues. He has been associated with several leading blues outfits including Barracuda Blues Band, The Chronic Blues Band and Soulmate. He currently handles keyboard and vocal duties for his band, Splender’s Bride.

Sahil R Thakur
Video Editor & Storyteller

Award winning Video Editor & Storyteller. Working with Indian entertainment industry in Mumbai for over 10 years. Every video worth editing is a work of art, and its job is to paint you the perfect picture. Focusing on things that make me happy. Showing them to you along the way.